Bowling Ball Drilling  Having your bowling ball drilled to fit your hand is important to become a routinely high-scoring bowler. We offer a free fit analysis to determine if your drilling is correct.  We want you to be happy so our fitting services are GUARANTEED!

Bowling Ball Plug and Redrilling  Bowling habits and your hands can change over time, making it necessary to alter your bowling ball.  It is much less expensive to keep your old ball and have it plugged and redrilled than to buy a new one.  We fill the holes, measure, fit, and redrill the ball for you or another bowler.  Bowling ball plug and redrilling may be necessary if the thumb or finger holes have gotten too small or if the holes are no longer comfortable.  This will allow you to keep your old, reliable bowling ball and get new, comfortable better fitting finger holes.

Finger and Thumb Inserts  A fingertip grip offers the opportunity to spin the ball easier, which promotes more ball movement (or hook).  Finger inserts help to create the spin and power, and also protect your fingers.  Thumb inserts keep your thumb from touching the cover stock, or resin of your ball.  Having inserts will protect your thumb from sticking and creating blisters.  We also install the switch grip system which allows you to use the same thumb insert in all your balls.  This creates the same feel and fit.

Bowling Ball Cleaning and Polishing Most bowlers understand the importance of maintaining your ball.  As a rule, you should generally have your ball cleaned and polished after 6-10 games.  Bowling lanes with dry conditions can make your ball stickier than normal and wet conditions can cause oil to stick to the ball and take away its hooking ability.  Therefore, cleaning your ball often will help your game immensely.  At Bowlers Workshop, we will clean and polish your ball while you wait!

Bowling Ball Resurfacing and Repair Ball damage is common in bowling centers.  Resurfacing and repairing a used ball creates a like new surface in which deep scratches and nicks in your ball can be repaired.  Resurfacing and repair can even bring "dead" balls back to life.

Trophies and Awards  We design, build, and engrave all our trophies and awards.  We specialize in school awards, business awards, and sports achievement awards.  We also carry plaques, medals and ribbons, and offer plaques, name tags, desk plaques, name plates, and silk screening for shirts and hats.  If you need a specific award or service performed, please contact us and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to accommodate your request!